Monday, January 9, 2023



Great turn out at the parent racer meeting! THANK YOU ALL for taking the time, we actually completed our agenda in 1 hour! We had great questions, and you could feel the excitement in the air! We can't tell you how much Kurt and I appreciate the parents' enthusiasm and willingness to volunteer!

If you were unable to make the meeting, you may pick up your necessary race sticker and race bib at the tailgate this Saturday! January 14th, the FIRST RACE-- we will be there bright and early!

Please get, and keep, yourself informed. We will continue to do our best at communicating information on the blog, the racers need to pass on information and handouts they receive from school announcements, lunch film fests, and handouts.

We had our first impromptu meet-up Saturday at 1:00 at BB, I think we had about 10 STMS Snow Club kids turn up. We really want to encourage the racers to get to know each other. Kids learn so much quicker when they ski/board together. 

Housekeeping- we have only 50% of the students and parents signed up for the Remind App. the app has proven to be a great way of reaching racers and parents all at once on any pertinent last-minute information or reminders.  Please note this is not a "chat" forum. We are looking into an avenue for this as a club. We highly recommend you exchange info on your own so that you can coordinate future meetups or carpooling needs.

If you need to reach Kurt or myself, you can do so by calling or texting 208-859-7070, or kids can find me in Rm #201

  • The new Race bibs are in the process of being made.
  • The 2023 Snow Club T-shirts are in the process of being made.
  • We currently have 37 STMS Snow Club Racers- we are a large team in the district
  • We are transitioning from the title-- Ski Club to --Snow Club to clarify boarders' participation!!  
Other known large school teams-

Boise North JH, Eagle, Heritage, Hillside Les Bois, Middleton, Riverglen, and Victory!            

Tailgate volunteer Hosts-
Race 1-    Snelders
Race 2-    Eidemiller
Race 3-    Koeltl
Race 4-    Bias
Race 5-    STMS Teachers
Race 6-    _____________

Dotty Clark-    LeGreca