2022 -2023 Dues

Club Dues: $40

The dues include:
  • Club fee to Bogus Basin
  • Race jersey rental fee
  • Club shirt
  • End of the season awards/prizes

Payment Deadline: 

December 2nd for the first race! 



If you missed this deadline, contact an advisor.

Refund Policy

Refunds on club dues are ONLY issued due to medical condition or relocation (new school).
Valid documentation is REQUIRED to process all refunds.
Refunds are processed at the completion of the club's fiscal year end (June 30).
Club dues will not be refunded due to reduction of race days or cancellation of race program.
Refund requests must be submitted within 14 days of the medical condition or relocation.
Any refund due to a medical condition is for that STMS racer only.
All refunds are pro-rated.
Other restrictions may apply.
To participate in the STMS Ski Club, this policy must be accepted.

MEDICAL: a letter from a physician stating medical condition (date of injury, surgery, and so forth)
RELOCATION: proof of relocation to another school (such as an activity card)

Submit your refund request and required documentation to advisors@starmiddleschoolskiclub.org.