Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Attention ! 

A mistake has been made, 

 I missed a gate ! 

About The date ! 

of the Snow Club Pizza Party. 

The date is tomorrow March 1st - 6:30PM @ 

78 Eagle River St. Eagle, Id

We understand, if you are unable to make it.   

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please rsvp via text to 208-859-7070 either way.

If you are unable to make it, we will make sure that you will receive your recognition award(s) at school.  

Kurt & Leslie Krause

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Bogus Basin School Race Program

2023 Season Championship

2nd Place! -- Large School Placement!

Dotty Clark Team Results 

Rank Large School

4th Place-- 209 points 26 racers   

ADV- M    3rd       Zach Snelders
ADV- F     2nd      Sophia Erickson
NOV- M   1st        Cruz Austin
NOV- M   5th        Al Wells
NOV- F    1st         Hayleigh Wells
SBE- M    5th        Eli Swearingen
SBI- F      5th        Carson Tiner 
SBN-F      4th        Jaxyn DeCastro

Congratulations to all of the STMS Snow Club Racers and Parents-

What an amazing season- 
158 individual races represented by STMS, in 6 weeks! Amazing!

Dotty Clark 2023 was an adventure- 
The day started at 9 degrees! brrrr
Winds were a stiff 20 mph! woosh
Special thanks to our creative, ingenious tailgate host and hostess's 
Hormuth family and the Snelders plus a new fan, Brittanie Austin!

Chili dogs - rocked it!

We had a great season of team building! 
*new sick Jersie's and qualifier beanies! cool t-shirts! *stickers
*two parents' meetings, *lunchtime film fests in the library,
*concessions, *donut sales, *wax clinic, *tailgates, *hall decorating *numerous announcements, *fliers and *BB Day lift ticket raffle!     *That's a lot of hoopla! 

Highlight is always Dotty Clark but, we look forward to 
Thursday March 2nd! YES, the date was changed by IPC, 
Idaho Pizza Company in Eagle, from 6:30-8:30- EOS Pizza Party!

Bring your STMS Snow Club Jersie- get a "thank you" prize!

We encourage families to join us, if you would like. 
The Snow Club will pay for the racer's pizza and beverage, only.

Thank you, for your involvement and support. We are so fortunate to have a program (which is the only School Based Race Program) in the Northwest. Happy 65th birthday! Bogus Basin has been encouraging our students in the treasure valley to get up to the mountain. A philosophy-based program seeking to make it affordable, offer discounts, affordable transportation, and organization. We had 42 Middle and Highschool schools participate.   

If you are interested and wanting to invest in a more competitive program BB has a great BBSEF program. 

If you want to be a more involved school race program volunteer, please let us know and we can guide you in the right direction. 

Please send your pictures to krause.leslie@westada.org so that I can continue to compile season highlights! As always, we welcome your help in continuing this ride. 

Thursday, February 23, 2023


STMS Snow Club 2023

Dotty Clark Racers!

Tomorrow is going to be an adventure!

  • Buttercup parking lot tailgate, be there by 9:00 am!
  • sign in.
  • get assigned race bib.
  • pin to Jersie
  • grab some food and stretch.
  • locate assigned course. double check time.
  • board and ski- warm up, make time, if you have time!
Go cheer for the rest of the STMS Snow Club racers!
have fun shred, make new friends! 
  •     check back into the tailgate for lunch between 11:30-1:30
  •      meet up at Simplot Lodge near the rental shop 1:45 for quick team picture.
  •      awards at 2:00- on the Simplot deck!

Attentitive schedule, please stay alert for any changes.

9:30 all free style
10:00 SBE
10:30 all slalom

Go Star Think Snow!
                    ski fast, take chances and have fun!


Sunday, February 19, 2023

 STMS Snow Club Racers
1st Place
Race #6 

Highlights from the day!
Fresh Powder
25 Racers participated!
1st Place out of 10 large schools!
New Dotty Clark Qualifiers!

Hotdogs on the grill, breakfast bakery items, plenty of snacks! 
Thank you Swearingen family! 
We appreciated your hospitality!

Dotty Clark Friday February 24th
- Not an excused absence!

This is a Memorial race that started back in 1960. A friendly competition between Boise and Borah High. The race was dedicated to a classmate that died in a car accident. Middle and High Schools all over the Treasure Valley have participated in fun competition on Bogus Basin for 64 years!

Congratulations Racers and Parents:

    Friday is not an excused absence! Racers are expected to communicate with their teachers to inform them of their future absence and why. Student then are expected to go to Teams to find assignments and agenda items that will be missed for that day. Pay attention to due dates, this does not warrant late work. We will be doing a grade check. If a racer has an F they cannot race. We will meet individually regarding concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 
Make sure that you discuss transportation- drop off, pick up, time location for Dotty Clark. It is a typical work day for many parents, we will be coordinating transportation as needed. We are here to help! We have families signed up to lead with the tailgate, if you want to help or get involved just let us know. Bring your own camp chair! The weather looks outstanding! lots of fresh powder!

Buttercup parking lot STMS tailgate check in. Friday morning the racers MUST check in at the tailgate, sign in and get their Dotty Clark Race Bib. This must be pinned and visible- 
Morning Star Chair opens at 9:00 the first race is at 9:30 (Freestyle) Snowboard Expert (9:30)
Slalom Races start at 10:30. Awards are at 2:00 at Simplot Lodge. Tailgate lunch 11:30-1:30.
STMS SNOW CLUB 2023 Team Photo between 1:45 and  2:00 snow side of rental shop!

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Important Information.... 
                                          for you and your parents!

We moved up to 1st place in the team standings after last Saturday's race ( #6). WooHoo ! We have amazing kids !   


You must let us know ASAP, if your racers times, or score, is not posted. Bogus Basin, BB, will have the information posted by approximately 5:00 PM on Saturday. 

We will need to submit corrections by 9: 30 PM Saturday night. 

DO NOT contact BB yourself. 

Corrections and/or additions must be communicated by Advisors.

This information is critical, it will determine what order you will race in at Dotty Clark. 

 Qualifiers for Dotty Clark! as of Race # 6

  1. Dara Bias
  2. Lilly Bridge
  3. Jaxyn De Castro
  4. Rylee De Castro
  5. Abe Elder
  6. Kohner Ellingford
  7. Sophia Erickson
  8. AIden Fuery
  9. Deagan Keller
  10. Colton Ramsey
  11. Teagan Rogne
  12. Zach Snelders
  13. True Spiecker
  14. Eli Swearingen
  15. Kaden Koeltl
  16. Cruz Austin 
  17. Brycen Oaks
  18. Lillyana Merrill
  19. Cory Taylor
  20. Landry Thomas
  21. Nolan Gilstrap
  22. Grace Furey
  23. Hayden Gagnon
  24. Curren Hormuth
  25. Carson Tiner
  26. Al Wells
  27. Hayleigh Wells
  28. Chace Tipton                     

Monday, February 13, 2023

Race number #5 

 A Magnificent day at Bogus Basin!  

Sunny skies and plenty of fresh powder to be found! 

We entered the Helmet decorating contest and fell short of votes, next year!! 

We had a great snack at the tailgate, thanks to the DeCastro Family and Mrs. Basil! we had a bon fire, breakfast bagels, cream cheese and muffins. Lunch was hotdogs, cookies, chips! We had only a handful of our racers, would love to see everyone !

Timing unit failure was again an issue on the ADV Ski course. The manufacturer has the unit and is repairing, should be good to go for race 6. 

We have 1 more race and then the Dotty Clark. Schedule is below. As a reminder, the event is on 2/24/23 which is a Friday. Please reach out if there are questions. 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Another Bluebird day!


STMS Snow Club, Good Job Saturday--Race Number #4

Two more races to go (19 days!) before Dotty Clark! 

 We earned10th Place, not great, half the team was missing, yet the racers who were able to make it, did extremely well!  Huge advance on racers speed and technique, by far outweighs any placement! You guys are amazing!!

Thank you to the Bias Family! the tailgate was appreciated, a roaring bon fire and grilled chicken! Blue bird day! We had kids shred with their teammates, made new friends and found their way around the mountain!

Big Thanks to the Wells Family tonight for tackling the concessions stand! We truly love and appreciate our families helping out! This week we have the St. Lukes's helmet decorating contest- the helmet is in the front office window!

Let's look forward to some fresh powder this weekend!

Ski ya soon!