Program Philosophy

  • Provide a safe environment on the slopes in which to participate.
  • Encourage students to represent and compete for their school in a life sport activity. This provides a venue for many students to represent their school.
  • Provide a level of competition in which the maximum number of students can participate.

Liability Waiver

A liability waiver must be on file. You will complete it electronically during the enrollment process on the Bogus Basin School Race Program's website.


All racers must wear a helmet If you are not wearing a helmet, you will not be allowed to race.

Race Times

Races begin at TBD.

Available Events

For 2023, you can race in 3 events. Once you select the event, you can only make a change BEFORE the first race.
  • NORDIC (cross country ski)
    • NEX - Expert
    • NIN - Intermediate
    • NNO - Novice
    • SBE - Expert
    • SBI - Intermediate
    • SBN - Novice
    • FSE - Ski Expert
    • FSI - Ski Intermediate
    • FBE - Snowboard Expert
    • FBI - Snowboard Intermediate
    • EXP - Expert
    • ADV - Advanced INT - Intermediate
    • NOV -Novice

Be Early

There are a lot of students participating in the race program, and there are generally a lot of people in the area during the races. Allow yourself enough time to arrive, find parking, and get to your race course.

Discounts for Race Days

Cat Track

Be mindful of where you are standing. Do not stop and wait on the cat tracks.

Timing System

When you line up for your race, an advisor will look for the sticker on your helmet which shows your race number. When it is your turn to race, show the start gate advisor your number.

The timing system is automated. When you start the race, you will trip the start wand which will begin recording your time. At the finish line, you will pass between the two finish gates where sensors will stop the timing. The finish line sensors are like your garage door sensors. When you pass through, it will trip the system to stop your time.

When you complete your race, be sure to go all the way through the finish line and about 30 feet beyond. Stop and ask the advisors if your time was sucessfully recorded. If it wasn't, ask for a RE-RUN card. This card will allow you to skip to the front of the lift line. Once you return to the top of your race, show the advisor your RE-RUN card so that you go to the front of the race line.

Team Scoring

Individually, each racer competes against students in their gender and skill category for an event. For the Star Middle School team, each racer can earn up to 10 points per race. The faster you race, the more points you get! The more competitors Star Middle School has, the more points we get! Even if you crash or do not finish, your participation is counted and the team receives points.


If you crash on the race course and have not missed any gates, you can put on your equipment and complete the race.

You can also choose to not complete the race and not receive a time. Your participation is counted (you are marked as "Did Not Finish"). If you choose this option, do not get back on the race course or go through the finish gates. Be sure that the advisors at the bottom of the course have you marked as "Did Not Finish."

Stay off the Course

If you are not the student racing in the course, stay to either side of the course and NEVER go through the finish gates.


Always remember that you are an ambassador representing Star Middle School. School rules still apply. Be courteous and polite to other racers, advisors, spectators, and everyone on the mountain. If you are found to be misbehaving, advisors and mountain staff have the authority to remove your pass/ticket. If your pass/ticket is removed, you will no longer be eligible to race for the remainder of the season or participate in ski club activities. In addition, your name will be provided to the school administrators for disciplinary action.

Dotty Clark

The only race this season is the Dotty Clark Memorial, and all students who are registered with the Bogus Basin School Race Program are eligible to race. Parents: This is an all-day event at Bogus Basin. For 2023, parents must transport the racer to and from the mountain. THIS ABSENCE IS NOT EXCUSED! You will need to call into the school to excuse your student for the day.