Friday, January 13, 2023


Nice job getting your parents to download the Remind App!

Continue to spread the word!

We will be using the REMIND App, if we need to get ahold of you quickly. i.e... change in schedule, delay of start time, or bad weather and cancellation of races. password  starmid (lower case) 

Getting Stoked for Saturday?

Please add our information to your contacts! Parents and Racers

Kurt and Leslie Krause
208-859-7070 ,  or We 
available M-F 8:00-5:00
(Unless it's a race day or an emergency)

Check in at the tailgate- Buttercup parking lot, get dropped off or just check in and get some runs in before you race!

The practice course will be set up from 9:45-10:45 only Saturday-
Sleepy Hollow run! this is for skiers and boarders.

Transportation- If you need help coordinating or if you have available seat belts to provide a ride, please contact us. you can also review the blog post a few days ago and get info about the bus anybody ride it!!

Race Results- Team and individual results will be on bogus basin website and we will print off a copy to post at school. Location- front office glass window! or you can get the Brower Timing App. More to come on the app, getting clarification on what model of timing system we are using. 

Meet ups- for clarification, Meet-ups are not mandatory! We will try to plan for a few more because it's fun, and we encourage the racers to make new friends that enjoy boarding and skiing. If a Racer is going up on a non-race day encourage them to reach out to teammates.

We want to put together an end of the year slide show with music. If you are a photographer and a parent at the races, and take pictures, please pass them on. If making videos is your thing, please let us know. 

Helmet decorating contest: we have an old ski helmet that needs to be decorated for the annual contest. We could win a party to wahooz! Racers or parents please let us know if this interests you. 

Paper snowflakes- We want to decorate the front school window with snowflakes and our logo as well as post the kids names on it! Racers or parents feeling crafty?



Everyone who goes to Bogus Basin should put this number in their contacts. Although the cell service is weak, this number will always work! you may need it in the event of an emergency. If a person is lost, or out of bounds they can call this number and a GPS signal will ping your exact location.