Sunday, February 26, 2023

Bogus Basin School Race Program

2023 Season Championship

2nd Place! -- Large School Placement!

Dotty Clark Team Results 

Rank Large School

4th Place-- 209 points 26 racers   

ADV- M    3rd       Zach Snelders
ADV- F     2nd      Sophia Erickson
NOV- M   1st        Cruz Austin
NOV- M   5th        Al Wells
NOV- F    1st         Hayleigh Wells
SBE- M    5th        Eli Swearingen
SBI- F      5th        Carson Tiner 
SBN-F      4th        Jaxyn DeCastro

Congratulations to all of the STMS Snow Club Racers and Parents-

What an amazing season- 
158 individual races represented by STMS, in 6 weeks! Amazing!

Dotty Clark 2023 was an adventure- 
The day started at 9 degrees! brrrr
Winds were a stiff 20 mph! woosh
Special thanks to our creative, ingenious tailgate host and hostess's 
Hormuth family and the Snelders plus a new fan, Brittanie Austin!

Chili dogs - rocked it!

We had a great season of team building! 
*new sick Jersie's and qualifier beanies! cool t-shirts! *stickers
*two parents' meetings, *lunchtime film fests in the library,
*concessions, *donut sales, *wax clinic, *tailgates, *hall decorating *numerous announcements, *fliers and *BB Day lift ticket raffle!     *That's a lot of hoopla! 

Highlight is always Dotty Clark but, we look forward to 
Thursday March 2nd! YES, the date was changed by IPC, 
Idaho Pizza Company in Eagle, from 6:30-8:30- EOS Pizza Party!

Bring your STMS Snow Club Jersie- get a "thank you" prize!

We encourage families to join us, if you would like. 
The Snow Club will pay for the racer's pizza and beverage, only.

Thank you, for your involvement and support. We are so fortunate to have a program (which is the only School Based Race Program) in the Northwest. Happy 65th birthday! Bogus Basin has been encouraging our students in the treasure valley to get up to the mountain. A philosophy-based program seeking to make it affordable, offer discounts, affordable transportation, and organization. We had 42 Middle and Highschool schools participate.   

If you are interested and wanting to invest in a more competitive program BB has a great BBSEF program. 

If you want to be a more involved school race program volunteer, please let us know and we can guide you in the right direction. 

Please send your pictures to so that I can continue to compile season highlights! As always, we welcome your help in continuing this ride.