Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Important Information.... 
                                          for you and your parents!

We moved up to 1st place in the team standings after last Saturday's race ( #6). WooHoo ! We have amazing kids !   


You must let us know ASAP, if your racers times, or score, is not posted. Bogus Basin, BB, will have the information posted by approximately 5:00 PM on Saturday. 

We will need to submit corrections by 9: 30 PM Saturday night. 

DO NOT contact BB yourself. 

Corrections and/or additions must be communicated by Advisors.

This information is critical, it will determine what order you will race in at Dotty Clark. 

 Qualifiers for Dotty Clark! as of Race # 6

  1. Dara Bias
  2. Lilly Bridge
  3. Jaxyn De Castro
  4. Rylee De Castro
  5. Abe Elder
  6. Kohner Ellingford
  7. Sophia Erickson
  8. AIden Fuery
  9. Deagan Keller
  10. Colton Ramsey
  11. Teagan Rogne
  12. Zach Snelders
  13. True Spiecker
  14. Eli Swearingen
  15. Kaden Koeltl
  16. Cruz Austin 
  17. Brycen Oaks
  18. Lillyana Merrill
  19. Cory Taylor
  20. Landry Thomas
  21. Nolan Gilstrap
  22. Grace Furey
  23. Hayden Gagnon
  24. Curren Hormuth
  25. Carson Tiner
  26. Al Wells
  27. Hayleigh Wells
  28. Chace Tipton