Thursday, December 23, 2021

Parent Meeting and Volunteer opportunities

Hi snow enthusiasts!
Please Keep yourself and Racers informed, this is your responsibility!

A re-cap from our STMS Ski Club parents meeting, and an open invite to volunteer opportunities.

All Parents, and Racers (who have a phone), should sign up for the REMIND APP. This is how we will communicate any important information, cancellations of races due to weather, or any meetings scheduled. Please note this is not an avenue to get ahold of us! In the event of needing to reach advisors please text or email (phones PREFERRED Method) Leslie Krause- 208-859-3072 or Kurt Krause- 208-859-7070 or the 

Helmet stickers for races were passed out. Please know that if a racer needs to change their category, i.e.. Novice to Intermediate or Intermediate to Novice, racers must communicate that desire to the advisors by Wednesday (the week of the Race) they will then pick up their new sticker, in plenty of time, before the race. Stickers located at the white information tent located next to the Pioneer lodge.

We will have Saturday Race Day Team Tailgate volunteer Hosts 
  • January 8th- Natalie Sneldess 
  • January 15th- Cary and Mike Fong and Jay and Jody Middleton 
  • January 22nd-Hailey Erickson  
  • January 29th-________________ 
  • February 5th-________________
  • February 12th-_______________
The intent of the Tailgate hosts is to have a responsible adult available to our racers in the event that they need support, and a place to go before and after they race to meet up with fellow racers! Kurt and I will have course responsibilities and will not be available to trouble shoot or assist. You are welcome to bring water or healthy snacks, but it's not necessary. Tailgate location will be in the BUTTERCUP (ski in and ski out) parking lot. Easy access for our racers. We will have a STMS SKI CLUB BANNER identifying our location. 

Car Pooling Coordinators- 
Christine and Duane Satterfield 
Joseph Odell 

We will finalize a process prior to our first Race Day! 

T-shirt distribution- 
Elizabeth Conzevoy
Barbara Campbell 

Dotty Clark Race Day Friday, February 19th - ALL DAY 
Cary/Mike Fong 
Ben Gagnon
Joni and Jay Middleton 
Christine and Duane Satterfield