Friday, January 20, 2023

Happy Friday! 1/20/23

We are so excited about the fresh powder, how about you? 
Please remember to stop by the tailgate to check in, we still have race stickers that need to be on helmets before the racers compete! We are out of ski bib's but, good news, our new ones are almost done!
Remember to review your checklist, get your gear ready and get a good night's sleep. Bring some lunch and water so you can stay energized. Also, review the "code" for your chance to earn a treat!
If you see one of our racers, please say hi and include them in on some fun! We have several new kids, new to the area, and to the Idaho winter fun! 
Bogus is putting on a snow dance pioneer lodge tomorrow! check in to find out what time!
Shred ya! Board ya and Ski ya!