Sunday, January 22, 2023

Bluebird Day!

Huge shout out to the Furey Family!
Thank you for stepping in last minute and hosting our tailgate Saturday! What a beautiful day! Fresh powder could easily be found, the sky was blue, and the air was crystal clear. 

  • We came up short in points, ranking 7th place. We had 17 racers either not compete or were a "no-show" I had several kids inform me ahead of time, big thank you for your responsible efforts. We had a group of racers that didn't let us know ahead of time. 
  • On that note, please text, call or email Kurt or Leslie if you are unable to make a race. We totally understand how busy families' schedules can get. If you need help getting to the mountain or have equipment needs, let us help. Remember that the racers that compete, always get better.  
  • The Koeltl family have signed up to host the tailgate for the 3rd race, Next Saturday!
  • If you want to change your level of race either up or down, you must do it by Tuesday at 5:00pm. Contact us directly and we will take care of it for you. 
  • Tomorrow is the first Boys Basketball game at STMS we will be fundraising for our end of the year party, selling concessions and raffle tickets. We will also be decorating the windows with snowflakes! please join us if you can. Thank you, Mrs. Ramsey for leading the concessions stand.
  • I have had several kids ask about joining STMS Snow Club, and YES! they can still join! we have 4 more races, and they only need 3 to qualify for Dotty Clark. Please pass it on!
you guys are all amazing and should be proud of yourselves, representing STMS with courage, patience and determination! Go Cowboys!