Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Heads Up!


Human errors happen! Last Saturday, Race #2, several racers did not receive scores, they had their stickers scanned but, the tablets used at the start gates were not updated! I know of 2 on our team so far! we need to know if you were one of those racers! By 5:00 pm TODAY! you will receive a DNF- Did not finish, so that your participation can go towards the Dotty Clark required 3 races. We will get 1 point as a team for your efforts. We are very sorry this occurred but, we will take the high road and look forward to this Saturday race #3!!

  • The race Jersies are completed! We will be handing them out tomorrow immediately following Announcements! in the cafeteria! We need all of our amazing racers to bring in their old one and sign out the new one! 

You MUST bring in your old one to sign out a new one!

  • Last chance to buy raffle tickets! We will have STMS Athletic Director, Ty Schmidt, draw the lucky winner February 1st, next Wednesday during morning announcements!
  • Shout outs to racers; Sophia, Hayden, Colton and the Ramey family for rocking the concession stand Monday. Hayleigh and Colton brought our windows to life with amazing snowflakes! Big- Thank you! 

Remember to share a BB responsibility code Saturday, at the tailgate, .........I bought more candy! 

As always, 

Think, Sleep snow! Fresh POW POW for Saturday!